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What do you want to hack today?

On this page we will provide some tips that can improve the performance of your computer and give you ideas on how to hack virtually anything.

Samsung HD Hack

Samsung produces hard drives with 50GB platters (25GB per side). However, they are currently marketing an inexpensive "120GB drive", which have 3 platters. 3*50GB=150GB, so HackAnything went looking for the missing 30GB.

It turns out that the reason these drives are only sold as 120GB is due to the LARGE NUMBER OF ERRORS on Samsung drives. On *MOST* of these drives, you can recover most of the missing 30GB by using a bulk eraser* and then low-level formatting the drive. We were able to get 148GB with one drive recently. YMMV.

*=Remove the platters from the drive to avoid frying the electronics. Opening the drive will void your 3-year warranty.

Single-outlet surge protector to multiple-outlet

This one is so easy, you probably could have figured it out for yourself. Just in case you didn't, we'll cover it here.

Plug in a power-strip or multiple-outlet extension cord to the surge protector. This should have the effect of not only increasing the number of available outlets, but should also allow the single-surge protector to protect against multiple surges.

CD Visor -> DVD Visor

There are currently a lot of CD visors on the market for cars/vans/SUVs. In the last few years, several SUVs have been sold with DVD players. Unfortunately, this has not translated into even a single DVD visor being sold or given away.

To perform this modification, you will need:
1. A permanent black marker (e.g. Sharpie)
2. A CD visor
3. A few brain cells (but not too many)
4. 2 to 9 DVDs.

First, take the CD visor out of its cardboard packaging. Then look for any place on the actual visor (as opposed to the packaging) where it says "CD" or "Compact Disc". Cross out the matching words with the permanent black marker. You may also wish to mark, in big letters, "DVD". Since the visor is probably black, it may be hard to see those letters (you'll have to look closely) but don't worry about that.

After you are done with the marker, try installing the DVDs. They should now fit. Note that you can also mix CDs and DVDs in the visor, but don't put a DVD into your CD player (that modification will be discussed NEXT month).

User tip of the month: Keychain USB Drive -> MP3 Player

Joe Mama submitted the following hack:

I took an old sony walkman I had and removed the headphone jack and installed it in this pen drive. I didn't do the adjustable volume hack, so I can only listen at full volume. I am hard of hearing so this is not a problem for me. It works great-ymmv.

Thanks, Joe!

Quick Hack: Hack into Britney Spears' Pants

Try this modification.

If that fails, get a bulk eraser, hold it to her head for about 60 seconds, and try again.

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